Sunday, 26 May 2013

Just LOL...

[15:09] serjourn daxter: FREEDOM CONTINENT NOT REPRESENTED AT SLB10 - I have no idea what is happening, but our application to be represented at the 10th Birthday of SecondLife has been DECLINED. So what do we do? We can scream and protest - sluk and grumble or.....  MAKE OUR OWN DARN SLB 10 EXHIBIT!  So CALLING ALL THAT CAN and WANT TO HELP!. Send me a notecard with the name "SLB10 ADULT". This is a great opportunity to show what adult SL stands for. Please respond!

... Hmmm just lemme think for a nano-second as to why it might have been declined! 

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Fake traffic count?

I wasn't greeted or spoken to, again.  13th visit now in my alt, so I am getting used to it.   This is the new build.  Oh dear Lord, what's this new hub design? A wedding cake?
Either that or it's a prison modelled on WW2 camp watch towers.   It's horrid, whatever it is.   

YAY more ad boards all over the entry point!  I feel at right back home now!  (I won't mention how the textures are getting on the boards)

Oh this is a new addition to the environment.  What is this?  Is this management's idea of appreciating the morons' sweat and blood that runs the Adult Hub?  Hmm nice, I guess.  Better late than never although not sure why it needs to be such a public display of affection considering it is for staff; it's positioned right in the public landing zone.  Alt-Boy shrugs.

Now, I wanna take up this traffic point...   I had an issue right back at the beginning of my tenure at Adult Hub Central that the Gor Hub had bots in a sky box...  I mean like 12 bots just in there to bump up the traffic count.   They know the technology.  I watched them for hours.  I have photographic evidence.  I reminded Serj that having un-registered bots on her land was going against ToS and to be fair to her, she passed it onto Randy-Ravena and they were removed.

But...   interesting mind-set.   The Management have recently been spouting how they have had 250000 visitors.    Patting themselves on their backs and whatnot.   (Let's not forget 'a visitor' is an avatar that stays for 5 mins.  If they stay for 10 mins, they are counted for 2 visitors.)

In my opinion they are using the dance poles at the hub as traffic boosters.  I am not sure if they are bots, alts or a mixture of both with a member or two of Management using Radegast to supply their boosted traffic count.  For one, you try going to the hub and getting any of the pole dancers to actually respond to you.  They don't.  Well maybe one in a hundred tries, I have had a response. I have sat for hours at the hub and watched these dancers and they don't get tipped, they don't talk, they don't change/remove their clothing, they don't respond when spoken to in Local Chat or IM.  I have even tipped them in the hope of getting reply, no, nothing.  They do nothing.   There are no 'customers' to dance to...    they just dance around on their poles for hours and hours on end in an empty space and in silence.  I have been around for long enough to know exactly how genuine pole dancers work.  No pole dancer would stay more than 10 mins in a place where there were no people and where there were no tips.   And noobs would stop on dance poles for even less.  

I mean, these two pole dancers have freebie stuff on, they have no profile, they were even created on the same day!  

Yet, they are parked for hours on these dance poles in total silence?  
Multiply this action by the many poles they have at the new hub and Hey Presto!  Traffic count looks brilliant!  And a great way to defraud advertisers/shop rentals who look at their traffic count and think maybe it's a good place to spend their advertising budget.  It is deceitful behaviour, at best.  Sure, I am putting 2 and 2 together and making 4, with no evidence, but I invite you to take a wander over there and enjoy a pole dance from one of these dancers and see if you don't come up with the same conclusion I have. And if anyone does have any evidence?  Chuck it my way, I will be more than happy to accept it. 

Monday, 28 January 2013


My alt popped over to Adult Hub Central today and hung around for 30 minutes.  Not once did any staff greet me, or speak to me.  I wasn't the only one either, I would say after me... in the 30 mins I was there, maybe 50 people came in behind me and they weren't greeted or spoken to either.

It was a very good idea of Serj's to tell managers to make an alt and experience the dreadful process of visiting the hub.  It really does show up how awful it is.

On the plus side, I did witness Isabelle doing some actual work ie helping someone.  Now, lowly-peasant-staff-without-an-important-title-about-your-heads, you will know I am telling the truth here.  Those with Adult Hub Owner tags above their heads are the ones that do no work to contribute to the helping of the noobs who arrive there.  They like to wield their power in their special little ways but only so long as it means they can look and feel important without putting themselves out at all.  God-forbid they actually do any work.  No.  No.   I refer back to Leona's Open Statement, who as the Hub manager after me, experienced the problem herself.  None of the people who Serj considers her "Key Personnel" actually do any work other than haughtily swan around with their creepy doll-like nylon hair flowing out behind them.

So it was a very pleasant surprise to see Isabelle actually doing some work for a change with a real noob.  YAY for Isabelle and YAY for the change in attitude.  I think this blog will have a great affect!  Keep it up, Isabelle.  And you try and drag some more of those other Adult Hub Owner tag bearers to spend some time helping noobs too while ya at it.  I don't mean just standing there looking important, either.  I mean, taking a noob and teaching them what they want to know.  Every minute volunteered contributes to the goodness of the sim and I wanna see much more of them in that hub WORKING and not leaving it to the stupid folks like I was, and like Leona who worked our arses off while the important people smiled and nodded at us.  Work damn-it, Work!

But this is a shame...

The sim is one huge great big lag-fest.  No seriously...  I can't moveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee at the place.  Which is no bad thing as there isn't anything to see anyway, but that aside...  I have no idea what it is that's causing it.  Maybe it is indeed the massive art thing, or maybe it is the high rez textures at the rezzing point, or maybe it is the avatars that come in.  

Look at this script data so wonderfully provided by the sim.   This is completely as I would expect it to be.  These are mostly noobs arriving, noobs with no or little scripts...  I was near the very bottom, GREEN.  YAY for me.  Good boy Forceme-Alt.  Then a few oranges which were the more established residents, staff and whatever, but who is at the top?  Tut.  Tut.  Tut.  Isabelle.  Look at you!  RED Not an Adult Hub Owner right at the top, surely doing their best to lag out their own sim?!  325 scripts for goodness sake!  

How is that contributing to the nice experience that noobs (Don't you love that word, Isabelle?) will have when they visit the sim.  You really outta make an effort to reduce that.  You do look lovely and hmm well err, nice all geared-up in your hmm whatever they ares booty-things and cuffs and whatnots, but it is kinda selfish to be using all that sim resource to the detriment of the noob-experience.  And I think it is a really bad example to set to everyone else as the leader of the Adult Hub project to have such a high script count.  I shall be keeping an eye on you young errrrrr lady.  I hope I don't see you at the top of the list again!  

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Silence the outspoken!

The big M got me.  I am banned from the hubs.  Awwww what is it that they say?

Freedom includes the right to say what others may object to and resent…The essence of citizenship is to be tolerant of strong and provocative words. ~ John G. Diefenbaker

What's your place called "The Freedom Continent"?   HAHAHAHA!

Silencing me by banning me from the hubs will not work.  It will make me only more resolute to expose what goes on there.   Where does banning me fit on your Banning Policy?  This experience of mine is only replicating what is complained about by many visitors to the hubs.  That is... hub staff ban to punish people they don't like which is exactly what the hub Banning Policy strictly and clearly says staff must not do.

I have had 5 conversations sent to me today between Hub Staff, regarding this blog and my words.   You lot really outta be more careful about what you say to who, you know.  So despite what is being banded about in these conversations, and in the blog comments here and in Local Chat at the hub... I have never used an alt to attend the hubs or any of the associated sims.

I will now thooooo!   Mmmhahahahahaha.   You will never know where I am.

Aww what a shame!

Oh dear...    when I go to my favourite blogs to go and re-read, I suddenly find has now been taken down.

Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.
Forceme Silverspar perks up tho!  At least they are on the ball!  It only took them 2 hours to remove it after I published my last post.  Good job I managed to save the banner, at least!  Wouldn't want such literary truth and beauty disappearing entirely.  

What Education?

I have lifted this from 's banner.

Main blog for the Adult Hub, a series of five hubs based in the Freedom Continent of Second Life. A privately owned hub, given a project by Linden Lab to provide an educational resource to the new age-verified members of the Second Life Community. This blog aims to help keep people informed of key events in the five hubs, new developments and provide links to information, calendars, and even the odd review on places that matter to tour guests.

I would like to just have a poke around at it.

A series of five hubs...   Hmm nope.  Four hubs, although I am fairly sure that won't continue for long if recent events have anything to do with it.

A privately owned hub, given a project by Linden lab to provide an educational resource to the new age-verified members of the Second Life community.  Well... where do I start?  Yes, it is privately owned (And therefore needs to be paid for in real money, a lot real dollars) And yes, LL gave them the workload to set up the project.  Which, I still maintain, is a brilliant idea.  However, I get unstuck here... 'to provide an educational resource'; I'd like to examine what education they provide.

They provide one notecard that tells people how to use and spend money in SL (Funny where they see their priorities in terms of what new Residents need to know, don't you think?) and there are Guides who help people who arrive although the quality of the help varies enormously.  Most really can't be bothered to go through the endless samey questions that they get asked day in and day out.   Only a few can be bothered to even say hello to a new person let alone spend an hour with someone who wants to know how to know how to unpack a box.  If anyone wants to question this fact, one only needs to read Serj's own words at her recent managers' meeting where she encourages managers to create alts and experience the crap reception and help people get at the hub as a noob.  Oh as a matter of interest, what a fabulous way to manage people and foster trust in workers... spy on them!  Secret Shopper indeed.  What Serj fails to realise is that these people are volunteers and untrained and don't deserve to be spied on.  If she needs to do the Secret Shopper experience, then she needs to provide back up and training and proper payment.  She can't take, take, take from people, shoot them when they do wrong and expect people to be OK about it.

The word education used in this context is a slight on real education that goes on around the grid.  Their education relies heavily, in fact, entirely, on one-on-one man-hours.   The most ineffectual way to teach mass people.   There are no classes at the hub, no stand alone learning activities, no notecards to address the ones who prefer to quiet learners, there is nothing other than "How to spend your money in my hub' and mostly ineffectual and bored Guides.  It is quite a disgrace that Serj has allowed this brilliant project to descend into the gutter, surrounded by a pole dancing club and empty ad-boards, covered in lag and stupid gestures, sprinkled with untrained and spied-on members of staff. Quite disgraceful, indeed.
Pole dancing club is the main feature of the Adult hub; so much for 'education'.
This blog aims to help keep people informed of key events in the five hubs, new developments and provide links to information, calendars and even the off review on places that matter to tour guests.  There has not been a post on this blog since April 2012, so well over 9 months.  It is hardly keeping people up with events, is it?  Is it true that no key events have happened in that time?  Hm, probably.  Links to information?  Well, there is a link to the Virwox Linden Exchange.  Money money money, AGAIN?!  Hawhaw.  No links to freebie blogs, hunt blogs, newbie blogs,  you know, links that new people to SL would be interested in?  No.  Just a link on how to get money into SL.  Calendars?  Hmm, no, no calendars, because there are no events, maybe?  There is a kinda review, but it's nothing to do with the FC or the hubs.   And it is not really (At all) a review; just a photo opportunity.

How to ruin and destroy a brilliant concept.   The Adult Hub.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How many unrented boards?

New residents are routed through to the Adult hub by LL and what are they greeted with?  BLACK!  BLACK! BLACK!  Now, I happen to like black, in all sorts of contexts, but being encased in a fence of black un-rented ad boards is not the way to make new residents think, "Hey, this SL stuff is great!"

I'm in a bloody COFFIN!

How many empty ad boards do you need to know that ad boards were never going to work at the Adult Hub Central?  Well?  Well?  Was I right?!  Yes, I was!